Simply align each binding with the holes you wish to use.  Using the supplied screws and washers, attach the binding to the board as you would normally attach your boot binding. The two alignment holes on the top plate give you access to the 3 and 4 hole slots on the bottom plate.  The farthest-out hole is used for each of the 4-hole slots, and for two of the 3-hole slots. The inner hole gives access to the apex 3 hole slot.

3 and 4-hole boards

You must use the Burton 6mm adapter t-nuts. These fit in the Burton Board Channel, and accept a 6mm screw.

Align the two round bottom plate holes with the channel and the two 6mm t-nuts. Using the outer top plate hole, attach with two of the 6mm screws and washers provided.  You must use the two round holes in the bottom plate and not the 3- and 4-hole slots. These holes are elevated to allow a tight connection to the board. The binding will not attach securely if you use the slots.  Attach the screws lightly, then slide the binding to position it where you want it. When you have it properly placed, tighten the screws securely.

Burton Channel System Boards

Attaching the Boot Binding

Select a 4-hole disc. Place the disc in the boot binding so that the slots run from the toe to the heel. Attach the binding lightly. You can slide the boot binding forward or backward until you have it placed where you wish. When you have it properly placed, tighten the screws securely.

Note: You can turn the disc to allow mounting of the board slightly left or right of center of the Broko Binding. This should not affect performance, but it is recommended that you mount the binding with the disc oriented as described above.

To remove the Broko Snowboard Binding, simply use the same alignment holes you used to mounting the binding. Unscrew each screw one at a time and remove the screw and washer before proceeding to the next screw. To remove the screw and washer, you can lift it out with your fingers and screwdriver, or us a pair of pliers to grasp the screw. You can also place one finger through the alignment hole to hold the screw while you turn the snowboard over and allow the screw and washer to fall out guided by your finger.  If a screw or washer gets lose insider the Broko binding, you can usually tilt the binding until the screw or washer appears under an alignment hole and lift it out. If for any reason a screw or washer cannot be easily removed, you can remove the four screws on the bottom of the binding and open it up to retrieve the screw or washer. Be careful when reassembling the binding not to get any dirt or debris near the bearing, and to align the two halves carefully.

Detaching the Broko Snowboard Binding

Thank you for choosing Broko Bindings. You’re going to love them!