Video contest!

Ends July 2018 Email us a video of you wakeboarding or snowboarding, if we like your video, not only will we post it to the website but we will also send you a tee-shirt!  The top five videos will get to pick between a free set of broko's for either wakeboards or snowboards. The first place video will receive a sponsorship including cash and other benefits by us!

The video submitted should be you, or you and some friends, either snowboarding or wakeboarding. If you would like your video to contain you using our product, email us and we will set you up with a demo set. Video's will be ranked, by a panel of judges, based on quality, length, and all around epicness.

Don't forget to submit your video by the end of July next year! We will post and rank the video's in a separate tab as we receive and review submissions.



Previous Contest Winners: 

Aaron Sarvey, Alex Janiga, Jacob Stoddard, Auston Shook, Jill Pettiford, Lori Magelky, Emelio Forrest, Laurie Steiner.

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